Julie Diebolt Price, Owner of JDP Photography and, is passionate about travel and photography. Our services include business photography, photography training and guided tours at home and abroad.

Airbnb Experiences in Orange County and Beyond!


 Classes and Photography Tours

Julie was an early adopter of digital photography and trained her photography peers on the electronic medium. For the last fifteen years, she has been teaching amateurs and novice photographers. Photography classes are offered on a regular basis in the studio, at Santiago Canyon College/Community Services, nationally and abroad. Julie has organized and conducted photography tours and regularly offers local workshops and field sessions to improve your digital photography skills.

Consulting and Training

JDP Photography also provides consulting and training services. Maybe you have an upcoming trip that you want to prepare for or you have a new camera system and can’t quite get it together. Julie can assist with special photography projects. It is like having a photo angel on your shoulder!

We deliver more than just a shot in the dark!® To book your next photo session or expedition contact JDP today.