Brazilian restaurant opens in Orange County

“Brazilian-trained gaucho chefs carve delectable, high-quality cuts of meat at your table after roasting over an open flame. Participate in the Full Churrasco Experience at Fogo de Chão and encounter the culture and cuisine of Southern Brazil.”



Brazilian Steakhouse Fogo de Chão Market Table

Fogo de Chão – Irvine The Market Table

Fogo de Chão - Irvine The Market Table

Fogo de Chão – Irvine The Market Table

Brazilian Steakhouse Fogo de Chão Irvine Feijoada Bar

Fogo de Chão Irvine Feijoada Bar

Brazilian Steakhouse Fogo de Chão Irvine Learning to carve prosciutto

Fogo de Chão Irvine Learning to carve prosciutto

Fogo de Chão Irvine Caprese Salad

Fogo de Chão Irvine Caprese Salad

Brazilian Steakhouse Fogo de Chão Irvine Gaucho chefs preparing in the kitchen

Fogo de Chão Irvine Gaucho chefs preparing in the kitchen

Brazilian Steakhouse Fogo de Chão Irvine The Full Experience side dishes

Fogo de Chão Irvine The Full Experience side dishes

Brazilian Steakhouse Fogo de Chão Irvine The Full Churrasco Experience

Fogo de Chão Irvine The Full Churrasco Experience

Fogo de Chão Irvine musical entertainment

Fogo de Chão Irvine musical entertainment

Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse is now open in Irvine, California. Experience the culture and cuisine of Southern Brazil!

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Photo Walk Orange with AirBnB and JDP

“Great experience…very well prepared and informative!” Jill M. 10/26/17

“Julie is not only knowledgeable but has a very good sense for how to teach.” Lowell I. 8/10/17

“Julie is a wonderful instructor! She is engaging and thoughtful, and she provides clear instructions and advice.”  Jaclyn 10/11/2017


AirBnB Photo Walk – Orange

Learn how your camera works and take home pictures to prove it!

Lively and interactive EXPERIENCE

Photo Walk - Orange Welcome to Old Towne Orange Experience

Your “Photo Walk – Orange” EXPERIENCE portrait is done here!


Explore with Julie the vibrant commercial district and quiet back alleys of this quaint and historic town in Orange County, which is also a popular movie location. Orange Plaza at The Circle of Orange, site of the famous annual Chapman University Undie Run, is our meeting and ending location. A brief review of how our cameras work kicks off the event and Julie will answer photography “how to” questions.

Beginning by the fountain at the Circle in Old Towne Orange, where several popular movies were filmed, historic buildings and sites will be the background for our lively and interactive experience. Along the way you will learn tips and tricks for creating amazing images with your camera. Learn to understand light, experiment with macro, motion, architecture and people photography.

The best part of this experience is that I will photograph you during this experience so you will have lasting memories of your time in the O.C. We’ll end at a favorite spot for a snack and beverage, discuss what we learned and relive our best shots.


Julie now offers EXPERIENCES in Orange County!

Local hosts design and lead excursions or other activities through AirBnB. Hosts give guests unique access into places and communities in their city. We offer both immersions and one day experiences. One day experiences can last just a couple of hours. All experiences can range from workshops to long treks, and are available for various skill levels and interests.


Airbnb Experience Photo Walk-Orange

Photo Walk – Orange

Out-of-town guests?

Experience Orange County in a fun and unique way!


If you’d like to reserve your spot for this Photo Walk – Orange EXPERIENCE with Julie, click here.


Special pricing (only $49 – some days $29) for this Photo Walk Orange Experience through December. Call today for details – 714-669-4537

Best latte in the O.C.

My favorite place for cafe latte – Felix Continental Cafe at the Circle in Orange. Sunday mornings, a little Cuban music and breakfast…

The service is outstanding and food scrumptious. The wait staff remembers us, remembers exactly what we always order (yes, we are creatures of habit), and serves us so promptly. Oh, and did I say they serve

the best cafe latte in Orange County?!

Since the late 70s, Felix Continental Cafe has been serving the most authentic food from Cuba and Spain in the city of Orange, California.

I generally reserve my coffee drinking for Sunday mornings. If I smoked cigars, I could go next door – more on the Cuban cigar store in another post.

View of Irvine Lake from Fremont Canyon Ridge

Irvine Lake from Fremont Canyon Nature Preserve

Fremont Canyon Nature Preserve

Fremont Canyon is often referred to as “the Yosemite of Orange County” due to its striking beauty and massive granite formations. It is rich in biological diversity and history. The area is also home to many rare, threatened and endangered plants and animals. The Irvine Ranch Conservancy conducts frequent scheduled docent-led hikes and also lead mountain bike rides and equestrian rides enabling nature lovers to experience the canyon’s remote wonders. Registration for docent-led programs is required due to the area’s sensitive habitat, but all programs are free. (

The docent-led hike I joined on a recent Saturday morning was informative and mildly challenging. We climbed to the top of the ridge on some continuously steep hills. Our pace included many stops to learn about the flora and fauna where we learned about animal scat and animal tracks. One hiker also made a cast of mountain lion foot prints that were embedded in the creek bed from recent rains.

This panorama image was captured with an iPhone 6Plus and edited in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Learn how to

unleash the power of your iPhone

this summer at Santiago Canyon College/Community Services with Julie Diebolt Price. Here is our schedule of classes.

Crossing the Orange Curtain to visit Pink’s

Pink's at Melrose and La Brea, Los Angeles, Orange County

Today’s post isn’t really about colors. It is about crossing borders and eating hot dogs.

On a sunshiny Saturday morning we set out for Los Angeles. We live in Orange County, California, which has a very different culture from Los Angeles. While our destination was only 40 miles away, it might as well have been across the country.

The freeway traffic was light as we ventured north on the 5 Freeway. When we got to the border of Orange County and Los Angeles County, we came to an abrupt stop and suffered stop-and-go traffic all the way into L.A. While it is usually expected during weekday rush hour traffic, it was extremely frustrating to spend two hours on a Saturday morning in gridlock.

You are probably wondering why we went on this serendipitous adventure to the corner of Melrose and La Brea, just down the street from Paramount Pictures. This past week we saw a re-run of Huell Howser’s, California Gold program. On that segment he visited a Hollywood legend since 1939, Pink’s – famous for chili dogs for 74 years. He delivered such a powerful message we decided we just had to see this legend and taste their hot dogs.

Love Dogs??? Think Pink's

“History of Pink’s Famous Chili Dogs

Pink’s is probably the most famous hot dog stand in the country…certainly in Los Angeles! It has been in the same location for 74 years. It is not unusual to see a Rolls Royce pull up to Pink’s (the chili dog ordered will be for the occupant, not the chauffeur). Movie stars, well-known dignitaries, struggling musicians, businessmen, housewives, school children…all have savored Pink’s Famous Chili Dogs.

Paul & Betty Pink started their hot dog stand in 1939. It was only a large-wheeled pushcart in those days. The depression was on and money was scarce. Pink’s Chili Dogs, complete with a large warm bun, oversized hot dog, mustard, onions and thick chili sold for 10 cents each. His hot dog wagon was located in “the country” among the weeds, rolling hills and open spaces…that was the corner of La Brea and Melrose 74 years ago!

Times have changed, but not at Pink’s. In 1946 Paul & Betty traded in their hot dog wagon for a small building (constructed on the very same spot where the wagon had stood). But the stand hasn’t changed since those days. Pink’s still gives that very same quality and quantity…mouth-watering chili, generously topping an all-beef hot dog with mustard and onions. Pink’s now offers over 30 varieties of hot dogs and 12 combinations of hamburgers. Pink’s has not only survived for 74 years, but has become famous. Pink’s Hot Dog stand is a quick lunch, a nostalgic trip into the past, and a delicious experience. It is definitely a landmark in Hollywood.”

Pink's Est. 1939

We did enjoy our hot dogs, onion rings, and root beer. Would we do it again (two hours driving in L.A. traffic – not counting the return trip)? – no!

Imagine our chagrin when we read on the menu that they have several other locations – one being in Orange County at Knott’s Berry Farm!


Source:  Pink’s, A Hollywood Legend since 1939,