Rail Journey on Amtrak for Milestone Birthday

Rail journey on Amtrak and conductor ready to board

Rail Journey to Blast Off on Julie’s Milestone Birthday

“Plane, train, or automobile? That was the first question I asked myself when we got the family reunion invitation to Missouri. How to make the most of this travel opportunity was vital. I also like to create memorable trips for milestone birthdays, and this is the biggest for me.”

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To learn more about rail travel in the USA, visit Amtrak. Check out the roomettes and reserved coach options for long-distance travel.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hi Julie,
    i love the Train, I’ve taken one many times to Seattle, as well as my kids and i traveled to Michigan on one, they loved it as well, great experience. Have a great time.

    • TravelMaster says:

      I love an opportunity for slow travel. I will also probably make a trip to Michigan via Amtrak in the next year or two.

      Thanks for sharing!