Cajun Creole at Restaurant des Familles, Crown Point, Louisiana


Cinque Terre Hiking Tours

Cinque Terre town of Manarolo







Dine Well along the Oyster Trail in Jefferson Parish

Restaurant des Famille on the Louisiana Oyster Trail







Don’t Kiss the Microphone!

Elvis Microphone at Sun Studio, Memphis, TN







Amtrak Long-Distance Train Travel

Amtrak and conductor ready to board








My Blast-Off into a Full-time Writing Career

Journal for Blast-Off Trip








Authentic Mexican at ¡Ándele! Dog House in Mesilla, NM

Shuck Oyster Bar in Costa Mesa, California – Blog post:  History, and Hiking, and Hammocks, Oh My!

Sunken Trace on Natchez Trace Parkway







Eggslice – A Pop-Up Restaurant in Costa Mesa, California

Small Plates at Velia Bistro in Orvieto, Italy

French Vietnamese at Jade: Portland, Oregon

Toast Kitchen + Bakery: Costa Mesa, California

The Black Marlin: Seafood & Jazz in the City of Trees

Earth Day Celebration

Three Ways to Nail Networking as a Travel Writer

Newport Beach Boat Parade 2018







Latin Cuisine on the Circle of Orange, California – Blog Post:  Peacocks, Parrots, Rabbits, Ravens, and Squirrels

Peacock with feathers closed







Tackle Box – A Local Grub Shack in Costa Mesa, California

San Jacinto Dining Room: A Dining Oasis in the Coachella Valley

New England Comes to the West Coast: Stonewall Kitchen, Costa Mesa

Casa Frida in Baja California for Colorful and Artsy Cuisine – Blog Post:  Two Billion Years in the Making – Visit Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, November 29, 2018

bylines Big Morongo Canyon Preserve

Fine East African Cuisine in Anaheim, California


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