Travel Trends in 2019 in US and World

Carizzo Plain Central California

Why do you travel? I travel to learn new cultures, consider new customs, see how people live their lives, connect with locals, try new foods and activities, challenge myself physically and mentally, to relax, and to be an ambassador. Where should you go? Wherever you want! Global tourism is flourishing. […] Read more »

Why I got naked in Paso Robles

River Oaks Spa Paso Robles

You will get into hot water when you get naked at the River Oaks Hot Springs spa. Shuffling down the quiet hall in my plush spa slippers and fluffy white robe, I heard the faint sound of bubbling water. The light aroma of sulfur and minerals drew me like a […] Read more »

Two billion years in the making

Big Morongo Canyon Preserve

It took two billion years to create the geological formations in the Morongo Valley in Southern California. Read all about it with the link below and at Read more »

Eat with your fingers at Abyssinia Restaurant Anaheim California

Eating with your hands is expected at… Abysinnia Restaurant in Anaheim, California on Mom told me never to eat with my fingers. She didn’t know about Ethiopian food! Therefore, you should wash your hands and read the restaurant review here on Read more »

CoastWatch Photographer Reports Status Mile 315

Crescent Beach Sea Stacks - Oregon

Last year I joined the Oregon Shores CoastWatch program and adopted Mile 315.  I am volunteering my photography skills and time to report on the mile between Ecola State Park and North Chapman Beach which is just north of Cannon Beach. I adopted the mile in order to get to […] Read more »